Month: August 2016

Skin Deep

This word I find
So very hard to swallow

When I feel
More like a pig
All sunken in its wallow

When I look
In the mirror
I do not see the beauty

I just see
Fat and ugly
Is Staring back out at me

But they say
I’m beautiful
Again again and again

Maybe I
Must soon accept
The words that they have spoken

Maybe what
It is that I
Am, in the mirror, seeing

Is not true
And only is
What I’m afraid of being



Alone inside my head
Voices keep me company
They tell me what a fool I am
To think they’d ever comfort me

Alone inside my mind
Voices yelling in my brain
Telling me just how much I suck
My failures they’ll gladly explain

Alone in the night
Voices cannot touch me now
I’ve killed them all and burned the bodies
Free from the voices. Ask me how.

Alone in my glen
Voice of water sings to me
Hope is all that I feel tonight
At long last, I’m finally free



It’s just a fact that I am fat.

I know it’s true; it’s where I’m at.

I’m trying hard to shed the pounds,

But cruelty in my head resounds.

“Skip a meal or two, fat bitch!”

These words flip a painful switch.

Hate comes from inside and out

All because I’m rather stout.

But I will fight, no matter what,

To rid myself of this big gut,

And when I do, they all will see

That there is so much more to me

Than rolls and blubber; fat and skin.

The world will see me, when I’m thin

Until then, I’m invisible?

Perhaps, but not invincible.