It’s just a fact that I am fat.

I know it’s true; it’s where I’m at.

I’m trying hard to shed the pounds,

But cruelty in my head resounds.

“Skip a meal or two, fat bitch!”

These words flip a painful switch.

Hate comes from inside and out

All because I’m rather stout.

But I will fight, no matter what,

To rid myself of this big gut,

And when I do, they all will see

That there is so much more to me

Than rolls and blubber; fat and skin.

The world will see me, when I’m thin

Until then, I’m invisible?

Perhaps, but not invincible.


1 comment for “Invisible

  1. Sherry Tidrow Van Buren
    October 6, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    That is absolutely beautiful, my child. It hurts my soul…. because my soul knows your soul. Personally. So very talented, my dear. Look at what you are writing here! Yes, I know people are cruel and it is true that they treat you better thin than fat. Such an ugly work. But, do not be afraid of it. Once you can understand that fat is NOT who you are, you have beaten it, even though the uneducated, ignorant fools may taunt you – you are better than them. When it is all said and done, life is NOT about them. It is about you. You have to see a God in the fact that there are so many that are ignorant fools who do not see what is within the skin. That is evil. Pure and ugly and black as night. To live in *that* skin would be far worse. Beauty is fading – but the radiant light of a kind and Godly woman is forever. Remember that. Your Mom is forever. That alone is proof that we are much greater than what our temporary skin suit appears to be. And, when we master *that* we have mastered the greatest challenge we face. Commit to love people. And ignore those who mock. Justice comes for them…. just ask my ex-husband….. Love you, my sweet and beautiful child!

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